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Electronic signature without a card reader right in your smartphone!

No more complicated electronic signatures. User-friendly environment, speed and above all 100% security. With the new and only mobile application of its kind QSign™ you will have your qualified electronic signature at your fingertips - in your smartphone.

Arcado company, which has developed several new and patented technologies over the years, including electronic protection of paper documents, is introducing the new QSign™ - an application for signing documents using a mobile device.

Signing securely with a mobile phone?

A qualified electronic signature gives you the opportunity to sign securely and guarantees the highest level of trust, where the identity of the person who signed the document is undeniable. You do not need a notary to sign, as the time-stamped signature has the same legal weight as the officially certified one, and the verification of the validity of the signature also gives you information on whether the signed document has not been altered after the signature. A qualified electronic signature is ultimately equivalent to original handwritten signature maked with pen on paper.

With a qualified electronic signature, you can combine multiple documents into one, even if they are signed by someone else, and sign multiple documents at once. A qualified electronic signature also enables automated document processing and archiving, optimizing your internal processes. After all, the use of an electronic signature will make your life much easier, saving valuable time and communication costs.


Why have signing from us?

You no longer need a smart card to sign with a qualified electronic signature, you will always have the signature right with you on your mobile phone or tablet, and you will not lose the signing option by losing your mobile device, unlike a smart card. You can use it immediately on another paired device and the agenda can be safely performed by someone else for you. Wherever you are at that moment, all you have to do is confirm the signing process via your mobile phone.

How to do it?

Create an account just by registering your email address and setting a password. For security reasons, the e-mail address you enter is only for communication with us, and you will always be informed about important actions taking place in your account. Part of the account creation process is pairing the mobile device that you will use to sign or authorize the signing of documents.

After successfully installing the application, log in to it using your username, which is your e-mail address and password. You can use a fingerprint or PIN, for example, to lock the application. Then you can add the document you want to sign, enter the authorization code and authorize. Your document has been successfully signed. Now you can share it with your contacts or send it via email without further unnecessary complications and tasks.

The European Union requires every menber state, including Slovakia, to introduce electronic forms of communication, digitalization and remove paper documents wherever possible. It is becoming more and more desirable and more and more space is being created in the area of the need for legal acts. QSign™ Mobile is the only one in Slovakia that meets the European Union standards, eIDAS, for remote signing via mobile devices. Join the innovative leader and keep up with the times!

You can find the QSign™ application in the App Store or Google Play.