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Qualified electronic signature in a mobile device



Qualified electronic signature bring possibility to sign...

without a doubt

Highest level of credibility, where identity of person who signed document is undeniable.

without a notary

Qualified electronic signature with timestamp has equal legal weight as officially certified signature.

without change

Signature validation also provides you with information on whether the signed document has not been altered after signing.

for the joining

You can join multiple documents into one with your signature, even if they are signed by someone else. You can sign multiple documents at once.

for savings

Using an electronic signature will save you time and communication costs.

for efectivity

Qualified electronic signature enables automated processing and archiving of documents. Optimize your internal processes with it.

Mobile signing

Why have signing from us?


You no longer need a smart card to sign with a qualified electronic signature. You will always have your signature with you on your mobile or tablet.


Unlike a chip card, you won't lose the signing option by losing your mobile device. You can use it immediately on another linked device.


The agenda can be performed for you safely by someone else. You just confirm the actual signing process via your mobile phone, wherever you are at that moment.


New possibilities even in a everyday life situation

Communication with public authorities

Communicate with the authorities in a mobile environment without the need to connect an electronic ID card with full legal validity. Receive and send messages from your data box to slovensko.sk. Get and use tools that will allow you to solve your life situations in relation to public power from anywhere and with the comfort you are used to in everyday communication.


Bailiffs and law firms

Digitize your agenda. Connect your systems for automated collection and sending of documents and submissions to public authorities. Simplify your work with a wealth of electronic documents and save time with efficient tools and services. Take advantage of guaranteed conversion in your own activities and allow you to expand the services for your customers.


Banks, insurance companies, telecommunications operators

Expand your online services and remove barriers for your customers to make full use of online services due to insufficient security levels or low comfort of authorization processes. Allow customers to use your services fully online without financial limits due to security threats. Streamline your paper document processing processes by linking to electronic processes using bulk guaranteed conversion services, reducing your operating costs.


Business administration

Digitize signing processes easily and with maximum comfort. Simplify the signing of employment contracts and digitize your human resources processes. Digitize your business relationships, authorize electronic invoices, acceptance protocols and orders. Sign contracts and agreements with maximum legal validity.



If you want to know more

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