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QSign 6

Desktop appllication for qualified electronic signature

QSign 6 for Windows

Version: 6.0.6

Published: 18.01.2023

Download 32-bits version MD5: 4b6fa5ad555140f4e69f49aaea732cab

Download 64-bits version MD5: c9e534b65645ab7048f9e5d05eabed9e

QSign 6 for MacOS

Version: 6.0.x

Published: NA

MD5: -

* Based on the recognition of your operating system, the link to download the recommended version of the installation file is highlighted.

User Manual

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The installation file of the application with the verification license can be downloaded and used free of charge.

To use the signing features, you must purchase the appropriate software license to activate those features.

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What is new?

Application change history


  • Fixed the error of opening the associated file by double-clicking.


  • Fixed bug occurring when signing in to Starcos card.
  • Correction of the error message displayed when the private key is not found, if the wrong device (card) is connected.


  • Update of timestamp support from the I.CA provider due to the rejection of the untrusted SSL certificate of the domain https://tsa.ica.cz.
  • Fixes of detected errors.


  • Adjusting of smart card management.
  • Adjusting of communication and signing on the slovensko.sk portal.
  • Support for signing on ITMS and eZaloby portals.
  • Fix for an error when signing forms on the Financial Administration portal.
  • Fix for an error when signing a submission to OR SR on the portal slovensko.sk.
  • Fix for the error "An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine".
  • Fix for non-functional ability to load certificates from Windows storage.
  • Fix for the error of using a certificate when replacing a chip card of the same type.
  • Fix for opening files with ".acics" extensions.
  • Detection of certificate invalidity for access to the time stamp service.


  • Mobile signing support - signature authorization in mobile phone.
  • Extra fast batch signing using mobile signing.
  • Signing forms and documents on public administration portals.
  • Possibility to insert a visual presentation of the signature into a PDF document.
  • Validation report - XML output from signature verification.


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