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Guaranteed conversion

Convert documents with full legal validity

Authorised persons

Authorized persons to perform a guaranteed conversion according to the e-Government Act are: public authority, lawyer, notary, postal company providing universal service, if it is the operator of the integrated service point, patent attorney, if it is not a conversion of a public deed, Slovak Land Fund, if it is a guaranteed conversion of documents for its own use for the purposes of its activities and a legal entity with a 100% state shareholding, the object of which is the consolidation of public sector receivables, in the case of a guaranteed conversion of documents relating to receivables which it has acquired and which it consolidates as an authorized person.

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Choose document to convert

Log in to the Guaranteed Conversion Portal and open the document you want to convert. You can convert a paper document to an electronic or electronic document to a paper document.


Generate a certification clause

All fields that can be filled in are filled in automatically. Fill in the rest of the certification clause form and choose Convert.


Sign converted document

The QSign application will open and select Sign. You can also use our mobile signing service to create a signature.


Legal sources

Act of e-Government

Act no. 305/2013 Coll. on the electronic form of the exercise of powers of public authorities and on the amendment of certain laws (e-Government Act)

Guaranteed conversion decree

Decree of the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic on guaranteed conversion

Trust services act

Act no. 272/2016 Coll. on Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market and amendment of certain acts (Trust Services Act) regulates in particular the conditions for providing trusted services, certain obligations of trusted service providers, the competence of the National Security Office in the field of trusted services and sanctions for breaches of obligations under the eIDAS Regulation and this Act.

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