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Qualified certificate

Sign with qualified electronical signature


Get a qualified electronic signature quickly and easily from anywhere.


Use not only on computers, but also on ordinary mobile devices and phones.


Get rid of card readers. Sign without an ID card or other smart card.

A qualified certificate (QC) is an electronic document that the signatory specified in the electronic signature is the person who created the signature. It is a certified tool of the highest level of trust for the creation of electronic signatures in accordance with European legislation.


Security is neccessary


The certificate is stored and protected on certified servers, so you will not lose it by loosing or damaging your device and you can use it immediately on another device. Access to your signing keys is under your sole control.



The entire system of issuing, storing and using qualified certificates has undergone an independent security audit to ensure compliance with security and legal requirements established under European Union legislation.


How to get it?

Free registration and certificate issuance

To obtain a qualified certificate for signing with a qualified electronic signature, create an account in our QSign Mobile system, where you can issue the certificate free of charge.

Create account

We are a qualified provider

Get a qualified certificate from us

As a qualified trusted service provider in accordance with European Union legislation, we provide the issuance of qualified certificates for the creation and verification of qualified electronic signatures.



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