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Electronical general assembly

Smooth and efficient course of the general assembly of your company


Registration of participants

Each participant or his representative registers his participation using a qualified electronic signature. He chooses to register and signs the registration form, which clearly verifies his identity and the number of votes. Participants can use our mobile phone signing service, electronic ID card or similar signing card with a qualified certificate to sign.

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The course of the general assembly

Each participant can watch the course of General Assembly by video broadcast from the comfort of their home or office. The course is managed by the chairman of the General Assembly. There are available the program of General Assembly and all documents necessary for the approval of individual resolutions. Each participant has the opportunity to submit written comments and suggestions. The course of General Assembly is smooth, calm and fluent, the participants do not overlap and do not disturb others.

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Voting takes place by signing electronic ballot papers using a qualified electronic signature.

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Upon completion, the service evaluates the entire process and generates a record of the course and results of individual votes.

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