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Electronic timestamp services are increasingly important and used to store evidence in the form and structure defined in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS). Their direct use is e.g. for archiving documentation at a specific time for the audit (e.g. financial documents), as a proof of priority in matters of intellectual property, fraud prevention, in case of submission of price or any other offers where it is necessary to link date and time with non-interchangeable data. Timestamp users can rely on them for many other automated document management features.

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Time is a protection of trust


A qualified electronic signature supplemented by a qualified timestamp has the same legal weight and effect as an officially certified handwritten signature in paper form.



The qualified timestamp complements the electronic document with an official and unchangeable world time. This guarantees the existence of the document at this time and at the same time that the document has not changed since that time. Only a qualified timestamp from a certified source provides proof of the document's integrity.


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As a qualified trusted service provider in accordance with European Union legislation, we provide the issuance of qualified certificates for the creation and verification of qualified electronic signatures.



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