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We have found an easier way to sign documents

Fast, easy and safe. This is how the mobile signing service from QSign™ could be described. If your work involves signing a large number of documents, we can bring you comfort and save money in your daily duties.

Just one application

With the transition from paper documents to electronic ones, there was also interest in a reliable way of signing them. Chip cards have long been used for this purpose, guaranteeing that the signature on an electronic document really belongs to a specific person. However, thanks to the development of technology, this system can be replaced by a qualified electronic signature directly from the application in your smartphone..

It is no longer necessary to carry a chip card with a reader. You can use QSign™ and the authorization code to verify your identity in no time. Unlocking the application using biometrics also contributes to security, or you can easily use the PIN code you choose when setting up the application.

The application with an intuitive user interface will allow you to sign all the necessary documents in a short time. Of course, QSign™ electronic signing is also available as a desktop or web application.


QSign™ saves your time and money

Electronic signing of documents directly via a smartphone provides more benefits than it might seem at first glance. Just the fact that you usually carry it with you helps to use time more efficiently. Thanks to QSign™ Mobile you can handle the agenda, for example in a taxi on the way to a meeting.

Automation features are a great benefit to your law firm or bailiff's office. Thanks to a wide range of tools, QSign™ will help you collect and send documents that you certainly encounter in large numbers in your job.

Except for time, QSign™ can also save your money. For example, you save on the cost of printing documents or official verification of signatures.

Trusted and fully secured system

When using QSign™ services, services, you do not have to worry about their correctness in terms of legislation or cyber security. Our qualified electronic signature system operates in accordance with the EU Regulation (eIDAS) on electronic identification and the Trusted Services Act. At the same time, it is tested at regular intervals by SGS certification (ISO standard: 9001) and has received the seal of EU confidence.

Long-term storage of documents

You may also have encountered the complications associated with verifying an electronic signature some time after it has been performed. QSign™ provides users with a service that addresses this issue. The archive guarantees long-term verifiability of your qualified electronic signatures.

Combined with the ability to add a timestamp to signed documents, QSign™ is an innovative and, above all, versatile tool for solving administrative tasks. Thanks to the timestamp, you will get an accurate record of the signature, but it also serves as proof of the integrity of the document, ie that its content has not been subsequently changed.

How to get started with QSign™?

Wondering what you need to do to sign documents via QSign™? Here's a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Register with your email address to gain access to QSign Mobile system.
  2. Pair your device through which you plan to electronically sign documents.
  3. Enter the data to issue the certificate required to establish a qualified signature.
  4. Then all you have to do is open the QSign Mobile application on your smartphone, sign in with your account and you can take full advantage of the available features.

If you are interested in our services, download the QSign application from the App Store or Google Play.